Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Armature


I've always wanted to make an armature. I've had a lot of time on my hands lately, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I went out, bought all the materials I thought I would need, and got started.  The brown fur color wasn't my first choice but Marshals didn't have any furry fabric. It worked out, though!

Prototype 1
I crochet the fur around the armature, but I did it kind of weird. I wasn't satisfied with it but I decided to press forward.

After I got all the feathers on and it was painted, I realized I totally screwed myself with how the feet were. I was running out of materials, so I put that one off to the side and started a new one with the knowledge I gained from prototype 1.

 Prototype 2
I took progress shots this time!
I improvised with how I put this together. I realized I messed up again with the hands/feet, with that I didn't make any way for them to attach to the armature... and I baked them. At least the toes move! Not enough to grip with one hand but it can hold small objects with both hands. The next one I make will have more range in the hands, as well as gripping feet. 
I started to crochet the fur. I improvised here, as well. Starting with the strip of black that goes down the back, tail and down each of the legs, I expanded out with the brown fluff yarn until I was able to crochet the edges together.

This one is going to have ears! Not sure what they'll be made up of, feathers or yarn. Decided to go forward with painting and getting the fur finished up. Straggler yarn everywhere.
Testing the range of motion...

I skipped a few steps but here's a gallery of shots when I had added the yarn dreads, feathers, beads and detail paint over.  It took me around 3 days to make him. :)

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