Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pup-Pup Mini-Sculpt

Long time, no post! So... this isn't animation or drawing, but here is a puppy I made with Sculpty! The painting was fun, but I learned a lot of what not to do when painting future sculptures.

There has been a bunch of exciting things going on, and they are all pushing my creativity to try mediums that I've been afraid, in a way, to attempt them. The fear of failure is becoming easier to push aside so I can focus on what I know I can achieve, and this has been accomplished by being thrust into a program I was rusty in. 

After fumbling around for a bit in it and feeling like I was not good enough to pull off the project that was in front of me, my stumbling around became less and less. My confidence in my abilities are slowly building up. 

Surely, I feel I will be using this blog for more and more.

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